Friday, October 29, 2010

Proud of Fair Trade

Proud of Fair Trade, originally uploaded by jtobiason08.
There are photographs that I have taken that I love and then there are those that I truly adore. This falls into the latter category.

These four women are some of the leaders of the Fair Trade organization, El Murcurio or "Murcury." I have talked about this group before, but this was my last encounter with them. During the year I went to their artisan workshop 3 or four times and was welcomed with open arms, but I will never forget this experience because I was translating. One of the group that was traveling with us asked them, "how has Fair Trade changed your life?" and their response has forever become a part of who I am.

"When we started, our husbands didn't want us to do this because they wanted us to be in the house cooking, but once they saw how much money we were making they changed their minds. We now have enough money to send our kids to school and to make our homes a little better. But we now, even more than the money, we have more faith in ourselves and more pride in who we are. That is how Fair Trade has changed us."

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