Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Oroya Somos Todos

La Oroya Somos Todos, originally uploaded by jtobiason08.

"We are all La Oroya." The slogan for those seeking a just end to the ecological issues plaguing this city. Every visit I made to this city where I was constantly presented with the difficulties and joys of those who live there made me more and more appreciative for the clean air that I am blessed to breathe. As I walk through the streets of Seattle and cough when a semi drives by spewing smoke all over me, I realize that this is not that bad. My lungs will recover in two breaths. But Esther (the woman holding the sign) has spent so many years living in la Oroya and her body is daily dealing with the extra weight of heavy metals. Her continued devotion to the women and kids of this city to guarantee that they grow up in a cleaner environment is remarkable. As 2 days ago was Universal Children's Day and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I ask that you take the gravity in both of those holidays and seek ways to give them the necessary depth and understanding.

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