Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

It has been one year since I stood in the streets of Ayacucho watching the processions of Jesus and Mary flow thought the streets.  Since we watched hours of painstaking perfection as beautiful alfombras were created on the ground for the sole purpose of being trampled on.  It seems like it has been forever and yet it feels like yesterday.  This experience of seeing the beauty of this outward expression of gratitude to Jesus and recognition and understanding of the suffering that he went through will stay with me forever.  But this experience was more than just a religious holiday or chance to be in the normal life of Peruvians, but was a look into the heart and the mind of the Peruvian faith.  This was it's day to shine and to step out of the darkness and point to the creator of all.  In this city can be pointed to, as the beginning of so much pain and suffering (the Shining Path started in Ayacucho), the real reason for it's existence and with great faith pointed toward a higher calling.  It is now known as the Latin American Capital of Holy Week, but forever will simply be where my heart is during the suffering of Christ.  Forever, when I think of his sacrifice, it will be carried across those cobblestone streets and through this candle filled square, but on to higher and better.  So, as I saw one part in the resurrection of Ayacucho, I too saw the resurrection of Jesus and how he had inundated the lives of so many and that there was lots left to do, but good was present.

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